In this post, I’m going to approach self-care from a slightly different angle. My husband had his birthday and I wanted to give him something that is more than just a simple gift. He had been working very hard and I thought I’d like to help him take a break and get away from the usual everyday life. He also has some help issues, so I really wanted to give him a chance to redirect his focus to his self-care. Sometimes all of us need someone to look after us and nudge us in the right direction. It was my way of saying I care about you and you should do the same for yourself.
So I got a great getaway for a couple of days, but I didn’t tell him where I was taking him. The reason was that I wanted it to be a surprise for him.

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I found a place in Vermont, which is around 5 hours away from us. It’s not too far, but far enough to feel that we’re in a totally different environment. I booked a suite, which has a living room with a fireplace, dining area, and a fully equipped kitchen. We’re semi-vegan since last year and I wanted to be able to prepare some food that can help us follow our diet.

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There’s a swimming pool outside as well inside, with a hot tub, gym and a game room.
As you can see, I took no chance, making sure he could stay active by using the pool or gym.
The area also has a lot of places that we could visit, such as cheese and maple syrup farms and miniature golf.

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Keep in mind that you also can influence others by creating a positive change that can inspire them.
So, what are you planning for your loved ones? I’m sharing one of my resources with you where you can find getaways around the world as well as in the US that don’t cost you an arm and a leg. So, stop making excuses not to take a break. Show a positive influence on someone’s health and overall well-being. Check out the following links, I’m sure you can find something that fits your budget and schedule even if it’s just a day trip or a week or two. Trips
Let me know how it worked out for you and please share your experience. I’d love to hear from you.

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