My vision is to start an alternative health movement by creating a holistic website and Youtube channel where you can learn more about alternative health options as part of holistic wellness including mindfulness. What has inspired my decision was when during my studies, I realized that I have never came across the complex educational platform that I have envisioned, so I decided to create my own.

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The Pure Peace and Serenity website goes hand in hand with its Youtube Channel. What will it provide?

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  • You can learn about yourself and see what you wish to improve within and around you to enhance your overall well-being in a holistic way
  • You can find resources about alternative healing approaches e.g., with stress management, weight control, self-care etc…
  • A one stop shop, where you can purchase everything in one place e.g., self help programs, natural health remedies, natural supplements and other natural products that can help you reach your goals
  • Find holistic doctors and practitioners
  • The focus of healing, balancing, enhancing through a holistic and natural approach is your entire well-being includes the body, mind, spirit as well as other elements such as environment

Holistic wellness

If you’d like I can guide you through your journey, which includes discovery of yourself by focusing on alternative health.
As part of your holistic wellness, you’ll learn about
– your risk factors
– your weaknesses
– your strengths
– how you can improve all the above and use them to your advantage
Don’t forget, you’re the creator of your own life.


As part of mindfulness, I can give you the tools and a new perspective to see yourself in a more positive and different light where new possibilities wait for you.

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You can learn about

  • healthy eating/healthy meals


  • spirituality
  • natural remedies
  • depression and anxiety reducing techniques and ideas
  • meditation techniques
  • clothing and other items that can enhance your health
  • educational materials and such self-help products as books, alternative healing videos and much more.

All information may help you to take control of your life and create your best possible version of yourself and a new life when you feel happy, satisfied and in harmony within and outward.

This is not a quick fix, but a journey that you can take with me if you’re willing to do the work.
It’d be my pleasure to guide you to find serenity.

So, let’s bring out your best self and achieve the most in your life by using holistic approaches to create a balance in your life including the Universe, God, nature and all creatures.

This educational platform may give you all the information that you need to be able to reach Infinite Serenity. So, come along for the journey!

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I also recommend my alternative healing videos to you and everyone whom you know. Please check them out on Pure Peace and Serenity’s YouTube Channel and share them with anyone you’d like to. Don’t forget to subscribe to them, so you’ll receive alerts each time when I have something new for you. This way you won’t miss anything important. Let me know if you would like to find information about a specific subject. I always look for new ideas that I can incorporate into my educational videos and materials.

And last but not least,

I would like to congratulate you because the reason that you have found me is not a coincidence! You had been searching for something and you are here at the right place at the right time. So come and let me guide you on your journey, I promise you are going to be glad you did!


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